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The kiss makes you feel great, but also a bracelet.

Today I want to introduce my jewel of the Larimar.You can find here!

A gentle blue sky, healer Caribbean, Larimar brings the tranquility of the sea water and air to the heart and mind. It facilitates speech and allows us to clarify thinking through communication.
Of volcanic origin, the larimar embodies the power of the earth that generated. Relieves and raises with love the psychological distress, fear, depression and pain to life’s changes.
It helps in particular creativity, The larimar is the serenity and purity, emitting an energy healing and peaceful.
Larimar (from the Spanish tear of the sea) is one of the newest and most rare stones in the world, gem of volcanic origin is found in the pebbles along the river Bahoruco.
I was very fascinated by the history of this stone, the bracelet is completely silver, the stones give a unique touch of elegance!
Larimar on the site I found some wonderful jewelry, this stone was a discovery for me, I would say nice!
I love its color, I find it relaxing, to touch the stone is very cold, but worn makes a beautiful effect!
You really like the collection of bracelets, you can find it by clicking here!
The jewelry Lorimar are elegant and very special!
I am convinced to have made you discover a new stone.