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gennaio 2016

Special dress


Tired of the short hair?

Tired of the short hair? The usual hairstyle? I will, let us say, with short hair can not do a nice long braid, my hairdresser I often recommended to have with me for extensions clip.
On Findingdream  I found the one for me, is a  wholesale hair, human hair, offers both extensions clip, even wigs, very simple to use, in a few seconds you can have the long braid that I love so much!
Different colors, lengths and types, you need extensions curly, smooth or moves? No problem! You want color? The site offers so many choices, you just need to take a look and decide how to change your look.

You can also buy a wholesale hair,wholesale human hair, and wholesale hair extensions provided in high quality and affordable price. 
Do you have a special night? In a few minutes thanks to hair extensions you will have natural and perfect, then add a beautiful dress, a nice makeup and you’re done!












Dress inspiration


Black White Abstract Print Side Slit Dress

Black White Abstract Print Side Slit Dress pictures


Black Balloons Print Shift Dress

Black Balloons Print Shift Dress pictures

Black Round Neck Peacock Tail Embellished Dress

Black Round Neck Peacock Tail Embellished Dress pictures

Black Batwing Sleeve Polka Dot Loose Dress

Black Batwing Sleeve Polka Dot Loose Dress pictures

Blue Long Sleeve Sequined Bodycon Dress

Blue Long Sleeve Sequined Bodycon Dress pictures




Today I want to tell you about a revolutionary product that will help to give life to our hair: ENVY PROFESSIONAL and its kit Envy Blowdry in 10 minutes repairing hair damage.A box set of 3 key products, Dual Fix 12, Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and Gentle Detangling Conditioner which make creating the Envy Blowdry at home even easier. It comes with a very simple step by step guide to application, perfect for home use.

We know the importance of taking care of our hair, is fundamental cure them to make them even more beautiful and healthy.Very important it is to use quality products that succeed in a few applications to repair hair damage, and the Envy Blowdry seems to have Article in the sign, reading magazines is a valid product pier.

Curious to try? You want to give a new life to your hair? Do not yield to prove it!

Il nuovo Kit Persistance 3 in 1 di ESTROSA: “Nails à Porter”

Il nuovo Kit Persistance 3 in 1 di ESTROSA: Nails à Porter

Una novità esclusiva apre il 2016 di ESTROSA: il Kit Persistance 3 in 1 con la sua preziosa valigetta è l’ideale per l’applicazione e la rimozione dello smalto gel 3 in 1 in qualsiasi luogo e momento della giornata!

Il kit è ideato per avere unghie perfette in ogni occasione e si può utilizzare comodamente a casa o in viaggio. Contiene infatti tutto il necessario per l’applicazione, il mantenimento e la rimozione dello smalto 3 in 1 Persistance. L’azienda di Rimini si conferma così leader nel settore nails ed è sempre volta a garantire alle sue clienti prodotti unici e innovativi. 

L’esclusiva valigetta in ecopelle con stampa cocco è adatta per chi vuole avere sempre con sé tutto il necessario per una manicure perfetta a lunga durata. ESTROSA è il brand in grado di tradurre i concetti attuali di progresso, tecnologia e velocità nei propri prodotti, lanciando sul mercato il kit ideale per la donna in movimento ma attenta ai dettagli. Perché se sono i dettagli che fanno la differenza, grazie al nuovissimo Kit Persistance è possibile avere unghie impeccabili ovunque!

ESTROSA propone un’ampia gamma di prodotti Made in Italy e rappresenta un binomio inscindibile di creatività e innovazione delle tecniche di produzione e lavorazione, nel totale rispetto della salute dell’uomo e dell’ambiente, utilizzando prodotti acid free, senza formaldeide e non testati sugli animali. 


Il Kit Persistance comprende:

  • Lampada Starmix – 36 Watt CCFL + LED (Art. 7606) 
  • Persistance 3 in 1 nel formato da 8 ml (colore a scelta)
  • Rimuovi cuticole da 15 ml (Art. 7402)
  • Cleanser magic-sgrassatore da 125 ml (Art. 7044)
  • Remover per smalto gel da 125 ml (Art. 7045)
  • nr° 20 Spugnette nails Estrosa (Art. 9299)
  • Buffer mezzaluna levigante 100/180 (Art. 7514)
  • Lima zebrata mezzaluna 100/180 (Art. 7511)
  • Lima zebrata mezzaluna 180/240 (Art. 7513)
  • Spazzolino per unghie (Art. 2655 )
  • Strumento per rimozione smalto gel (Art. 7541)
  • Remover wraps (stagnole x rimozione) 20 pz (Art. 9298) 
  • Brochure colori Persistance – 50 nuance (Art. 9877) 
  • Astuccio cocco nero nails Estrosa
  • Bauletto cocco nero nails Estrosa

Il prezzo consigliato del Kit Persistance 3 in 1 è di 200 euro iva inclusa.

Red Dress

Dress by Shein

Jacket by Shein






Firmoo sunglasses , coat Romwe, dress Shein

faux fur by Romwe
dress by Shein




Sales on Missingjohnny.com!!!

Sales on Missingjohnny.com I have told you several times this brand, quality clothing, I really like, is not trivial ever! We must take advantage of it now, do you think there are prices starting from EUR 7.00.
I saw some really nice, I really like, I suggest you take a look, you will surely find one that suits you!












Lingerie, Lemon curve!


Soutien-gorge Corbeille

The lingerie is woman, touches of lace, black color sexy at all, when a woman wearing lingerie that makes you feel sexy you feel better about herself. Even the fringes I find them very sexy, do not you?
I personally bought on Lemoncurve.com few months ago, I really like the service, very fast I must say that on the website there is a wide selection of lingerie, for all tastes and needs.
The prices are competitive, and if you want something unique and super quality is good to choose a lingerie that costs more.
My purchase was very quick and easy, I had ideas already clear, you can see what I have purchased by clicking here.
The expedition was very fast and accurate.
If you also you want to feel even more women, I recommend you visit, you will be very satisfied!

See more here!

Soutien-gorge Corbeille



Soutien-gorge classique

Soutien-gorge classique









Soutien-gorge mousse


Soutien-gorge mousse



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