The charm of the watches: make concrete and visible an abstract thing like the weather, which is not seen and can not be touched, yet there.

Detomaso Watches, very famous brand for its watches, high quality paved the sale also on Amazon, in fact you can buy your very fast clock by clicking here.
I chose a casual watch that you can easily match, you have chosen a male model, when a clock strikes me I do not care whether it is a woman, it’s the same with perfume, and apparently are not the only one.
In stainless steel, glass crystal, with second dial, water resistant to 5 meters of water. Its peculiarity is the strap, I really like. I must say I like it, I have received many compliments bringing the wrist, both by women than by men, my boyfriend is even jealous eh eh I understand!
Detomaso offers a diverse collection for all tastes and prices are competitive. Very nice is also the packaging in which it was the clock, stainless steel with the brand, elegant logo, in short, a good figure even for a gift!
A brand that has impressed me very much, was new to me, great news!
We have to give importance to accessories and choose them carefully, never go wrong! Like a bag or a pair of shoes! You do not find?
Let me know what you think!
Two things are aesthetically perfect in the world: the cat and the clock.
(Emile Auguste Cartier)