I know, maybe they are great or maybe it is never so old in front of an object that reminds you when you were little, when you wanted the dollhouse.

As a child I was a spoiled child, I could not have everything I wanted, even today I’m like years ago. When I like most objects I try to choose what you need me the most or that reminds me of the most beautiful things.

For years, I buy items for the home, because after so many years of long engagement should marry, oh yes, but today I am in love with this little doll house, which has little to do with marriage, I know, but me maybe the idea of home, my home, as a child dreamed of a beautiful house, vintage and colorful, with lots of flowers and close to the sea, to realize this dream some people it takes one year, those two years, I put in there more, but keep dreaming, one thing that I always say is that even with no pockets full, we must continue to hope and feel children.

You have an object that reminds you of your childhood?

Miniature Dollhouse