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maggio 2016

Doonne Smart Bluetooth Vase Lamp Flower Arrangement Art App Control:gearbest.com


A few days ago I already talked the vase that lights up and that we can also be used via an App by gearbest.com.

Shipping as always fast and very accurate, yesterday arrived, are very satisfied, it is really so beautiful!

Just tap the power button, then choose the one for the color that you love.
No batteries required, just load it on his bed for a few hours!

Easy to use, it gives a nice relaxed atmosphere in the house.Excellent quality, the vessel is made of glass, very resistant. The flowers I like them all along and now I have one more excuse to always have at home!

Thanks to an ‘App can choose the color from my couch, is a brilliant thing is not it?

I can play with the app and while playing the vase changes color!

If you like you can buy it by clicking here!

Here you will find the video!














Amara Organics, Aloe vera.


We love the natural products!

Aloe vera brings many benefits to our skin, long time use and I can not help it. This time I tried this Amara Organics, find it on Amazon.

maxi size 237ml very durable, even if I should finish it within 12 months. I have no problem because I use a lot.

Excellent for redness, like after waxing or redness due to an inflammation of the skin. For sunburn. It is also used for acne, reducing absorbs excess sebum. About me did wonders for spots on the face, they have disappeared in a few months. It needs consistency in the use. Morning and evening every day!

Also good to firm the skin especially around the neck!

I am very fond of this product, it has changed me for the better skin! Suitable for all skin types!

You can find it here!




Shopping on amiclubwear.com and scrublove.com


Lovers of fashion and beauty, are you there?

Do you love shoes and handbags? These are accessories that can not miss especially to us real women?

I love my new purchases, special and super cute is not it?

I love especially the bag with the eyes, I go really crazy, my friends loved it and I am very envious huh huh, in fact it is super cute! Then the quality is excellent.

The shoes are very comfortable, I find chic! What do you think?

These my purchases I made on amiclubwear.com them I must say that I like so much of the site, are always undecided! Shipping is super fast, and it is very important!

You knew the site?

Remember that in addition to shoes and bags must have with us a scrub, preferably natural, like what you see in the picture, Scrub Love, a truly valuable natural srub not make ever less, just gently rub it on your body to have a very smooth and soft skin, is great for those who have ingrown hairs, I recommend him one day before waxing, you will see results!

Champagne Pointed Toe Single Sole Pump Heels Patent



Grey Faux Leather Eye Patches Handbag

Pewter Lace Up Oxford Flats Metallic Faux Leather




Navy Stripe Canvas Tote Handbag


Salopette, come la preferite?

La salopette, sono anni che è tornata di moda.

Personalmente preferisco quella in jeans, comoda ed originale. Facile da abbinare, bella anche per andare al mare!

Ma che sia in cotone in jeans o altro io la trovo sempre molto carina e pratica.

Voi cosa ne pensate?

Ripped Denim Cuffed Romper

Grey Short Sleeve Cartoon Pattern Casual T-shirt



Smart Bluetooth Vase Lamp Flower Arrangement Art App Control : gearbest.com

A glass vessel that becomes a lamp that can be connected to the smartphone?
It seems incredible, but there it is. In fact, if you click here   you will have a unique design object in its kind. But you think about it? When your guests will be amazed by this vessel?
Do you think that changes color according to the movements and the sound in the room. The technology goes hand in hand with the design is this is proof.
Your flowers will be even more beautiful and elegant, surrounded by the soft light of the pot in which they will.
I really like this idea, I guess this vessel with my favorite flowers, changing color, definitely a nice atmosphere!
Well, what are you waiting?

Click here!



Shoes and bag!!!

Shoes and bags, we women go crazy, we like too! I could not dedicate a post for my new purchase, I love these shoes  of good quality and this bag me the envy all my friends!
You love shoes and handbags? You have many true? But I tell you one thing, never have too many shoes and bags! I have full house! I challenge all women to tell me it is not true that we always buy a lot!
I made these purchases on my whatsmode.com, where you too can find a lot of things, I would say unique! Shipping is very fast and very accurate, in short, perfect!

The shoes and bag brand is jollychic.com

Use your discount code: lovechic1 for 20%off!
I love the red, pink and black and gray here is the reason for these my choices!
What do you think?

Red shoes

Pink shoes

Black shoes
















Pasta di Zucchero – Ultra Soft by Arcocosmetici.com

Anche se il tempo pare sia ancora confuso, tra poche settimane sarà estate.  Si sa che in questo periodo abbiamo bisogno di depilarci più spesso, voi che metodo usate?Avete mai provato la cera araba?

Questa novità sta spopolando molto da pochi anni, io ho avuto modo di provarla.

Si tratta semplicemente di  pasta di zucchero, molte la fanno in casa ma io sono una frana e preferisco acquistarla, bella e pronta! Senza sporcare la cucina eh eh!

Ho provato la pasta di zucchero by  Arcocosmetici.com potete trovarla cliccando qui  ha un prezzo di 24,00 euro, ma vi assicuro che vi basterà per molto tempo.

L’applicazione è davvero facile e veloce, basta prendere la giusta quantità con una spatolina e poi appoggiarla sul palmo delle dita e applicarla sulla zona interessata poi, con un movimento ad onda strappare delicatamente la pasta. Il risultato? Non ho mai avuto una pelle cosi’ morbida e liscia, ma non solo dopo l’applicazione ma per diversi giorni! La pasta di zucchero è delicata e nutre la pelle sia del viso che del corpo!

Provare per credere!

Qui troverete il video dimostrativo.











Japan Fun Box

I always had the curiosity to try the products not of my land where I live, I love traveling, I have traveled a lot and I  tasting different foods from my culture. When we get home a box containing the products to eat I find it’s a great idea!
I had the pleasure to try the Japan Fun Box full of very tasty product, say a taste explosion!
Very tasty products, the chips to taste pizza have a unique flavor, and you think that the above is melted cheese, it seems to eat a pizza! The pack is the medium, even if that were so Uone I immediately finished!
The Flakes Chocoo, are fantastic, seem to eat pieces of chocolate, I ate them for breakfast and even my boyfriend enjoyed their taste!
The Whistle Candy, are tasty candies, in the box there is also a surprise in a box, my niece has like very much, in fact I have left only one hehe!
The Giant Strawberry Caplico is very cute and good, is a fake ice cream or ice cream but the taste is very similar, mine was a strawberry and chocolate, the sugar icing, taste good.
The Pretz Tomato Taste is certainly my favorite, their taste is delicious, taste very good pizza but believe me, I loved them right away!
In the end the Sonomanma Peach, chewing gum, an explosion of flavors, the taste lasts much longer than similar products.
This box I liked, products that contain are different from the usual, I find them original as well as being super good! You can buy your box by clicking here!








Sherrylondon: Evening dress 2016

Alla ricerca del abito perfetto?

You already know Sherrylondon , On the site you will find many  dresses, I really like the collection:  Evening dress 2016  how about the Evening dress  I really like the Black evening dress I find them very specific, then the black I’ve always liked, especially when we talk about Long evening dress and Lace evening dress  I find them very feminine.

If you too love the women’s dresses and you are looking for something special, then I recommend you take a look, you’ll love it, I leave you a selection of dresses that I have chosen, let me know what you think!

Spandex Halter Floor-length Zipper Sleeveless Evening Dresses-1

Sexy A-line Shoulder Straps Zipper Natural Floor-length Split Front Evening Dresses-1

Sleeveless Tulle Sheath/Column Zipper Natural Evening Dresses-1

Lace Sheath/Column Natural Deep V-neck Floor-length Evening Dresses-1

Lace Sleeveless Zipper Empire Floor-length Evening Dresses-3







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