Today it is important to relax when we are stressed we only also increase muscle pain.

In the evening we should dedicate our body some time to cuddle and relax.

When you use this mat by Pranamat you will realize how easy it is to relax both the body and the mind. Created from natural materials, ECO.



The company’s mission Pranamat ECO is to nourish our body and our mind, offering eco-friendly materials.
To be part of their team there are specialists, yoga practitioners, entrepreneurs and designers, and together they are able to create products for health eco-friendly unique and truly effective.
“Pranamat Sales & Marketing” wants to help people discover their inner strength; ancient practices and modern technologies are combined with the colors and the patterns of nature to create innovative products with elegant appearance and amazing effects on the body.


This mat allows our body to relax completely.
Today is the first time I use it, I lay for about 20 minutes, curious of its benefits, and in fact, even if it is just the start you know it works? I felt my muscles relax, pleasant, a great feeling of relaxation, I almost would not have wanted more to get up!
It really like the color, the quality is the best.
Born to eliminate muscle pain, to practice Yoga and help our mind.

You copy the program that will help you relax in!


Relaxation program

Pranamat ECO can be used to induce relaxation, when you are feeling stressed or tense. Lie on your back on Pranamat ECO. If needed you can support your neck with a small cushion. Remember to keep yourself warm with a blanket as your body may cool down during the treatment. In such position the beneficial effect renders to the neck and shoulder area of the back, where the emotional stress accumulates.

Total duration: 15-45 minutes. Pos. 1.


Yoga practice

When you use your superb Pranamat ECO massage mat, you’ll quickly realize it is much more than simply an aid in treating any minor muscle aches and pains. You’ll find it so helpful in rejuvenating your body and relaxing your mind, making it ideal for your daily yoga activities. Apart from performing your asanas, your Pranamat ECO helps you to mediate and relax both before and afterwards. You can allow the mat to make direct contact with your body during asanas, but for certain positions, it may be more comfortable to cover it with a thin cloth.


Pain relief program

Pranamat ECO helps to relieve minor muscle aches and pains.

To reduce muscle pain, lie on your back on Pranamat ECO for 15-30 minutes. You can also use the mat on specific areas of your body where you feel pain for 5-10 minutes.

Total duration: 15-45 minutes. Pos. 1,5,7,8.


Airplane flight, long distance car travel, other activity-deficit compensation programs

Pranamat ECO therapeutic manual massage mat is the perfect tool for relief of minor back pain.

Total duration: 20-30 minutes. Pos. 1,4,5,8.


Sport practice program

Use Pranamat ECO for relief of minor muscle aches and pains after intense training. Use on the back for 15-20 minutes and other parts of the body for 10-15 minutes.

Total duration: 25-40 minutes. Pos. 1,4,5,6,7,8.

Position 1Position 2Position 3Position 4Position 5Position 6Position 7Position 8