I always had the curiosity to try the products not of my land where I live, I love traveling, I have traveled a lot and I  tasting different foods from my culture. When we get home a box containing the products to eat I find it’s a great idea!
I had the pleasure to try the Japan Fun Box full of very tasty product, say a taste explosion!
Very tasty products, the chips to taste pizza have a unique flavor, and you think that the above is melted cheese, it seems to eat a pizza! The pack is the medium, even if that were so Uone I immediately finished!
The Flakes Chocoo, are fantastic, seem to eat pieces of chocolate, I ate them for breakfast and even my boyfriend enjoyed their taste!
The Whistle Candy, are tasty candies, in the box there is also a surprise in a box, my niece has like very much, in fact I have left only one hehe!
The Giant Strawberry Caplico is very cute and good, is a fake ice cream or ice cream but the taste is very similar, mine was a strawberry and chocolate, the sugar icing, taste good.
The Pretz Tomato Taste is certainly my favorite, their taste is delicious, taste very good pizza but believe me, I loved them right away!
In the end the Sonomanma Peach, chewing gum, an explosion of flavors, the taste lasts much longer than similar products.
This box I liked, products that contain are different from the usual, I find them original as well as being super good! You can buy your box by clicking here!