Bluboo Maya comes with a customized beauty camera app call Bluboo Beautysnap, with this app’s help, you can get more beautiful selfie image than before.

Bluboo Beautysnap

New generation of smart beauty camera, beautify your skin more naturally. It can not only identify your age and gender, but also automatically choose beauty level. In order to capture more facial details, the beauty camera’s lens must be highly customized, companion with the carefully optimized Bluboo Beautysnap, it can perform far more than you expect.

Smart Self-timer Mode

Farewell to traditional manual mode. One doesn’t need to press the camera button to take photos.

In V-gesture mode, the camera will instantly sense the V gesture and then take a picture.

In smile mode, one just needs to smile and the camera will automatically capture your happy moments.

In smart waiting mode, the camera will help you finish shooting with voice guidance. You need do nothing but follow it.

Funny Mode

In funny mode, the camera will analyze you age and gender, base on your age and gender, the camera would give a unique and specific feedback to your.

Various Post Facial Beauty mode

If you are still not satisfied with your photo, you could edit and beautify it again by choosing different facial makeup and editing effect. Your beauty is truly up to you.


Fun in Dress-up

With various funny and fashionable accessories including hairstyles,earrings, hairpins, etc, one is able to change your look creatively in a fun way. Be phantasmagoric!


These are the selfies with and without the app’s help, look at this two images, you can expect that with the help of Bluboo Beautysnap, your selfie can blow more people’s mind.


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If you are not satisfy with app has offer, don’t be upset, you can always connect to the internet download the theme makeup we have developed, and we promise if only their still user using our app, we would continue develop theme makeup.