It ‘s very important to take care of themselves, better yet do it with natural products.

You have trouble concentrating? You have to take an exam and you can not study?

You have high blood pressure and cholesterol?

You have eye problems?

Do you suffer from arthritis, obesity, inflammation or diabetes?

You need to give energy to your body? You are preparing for a workout?

You knew that for all this there is only one product really very important for our body? I’m talking about OMEGA 3.

In particular of Intelligentlabs that produces natural Omega 3!


Our ancestors understood that feeding on fish, which contains omega 3 changed their lives for the better, there was a better development.

Omega 3 is known for the presence in the cell membranes and for maintaining the integrity.

“The National Association of Hospital Cardiologists (ANMCO), in collaboration with the Mario Negri Institute (Mario Negri South Consortium), examined in a study initiated in October 1993, [2] a sample of 11,324 people affected by myocardial infarction , dividing them into four subgroups. [3] After a median follow up of 4 years, in December 1998, [2] patients treated with omega-3 had reduced heart attacks, sudden death, stroke, and total mortality than those who had not received any treatment. These data support the hypothesis that had been formulated by two major American studies, the first carried out on volunteer doctors, [4] the second, which involved almost 85,000 nurses, [5] which lasted 16 years and published in the important the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). “

from Wikipedia

This bottle contains gelatin tablets containing Omega 3, I have used to improve my concentration, working long hours at the computer I really need it, as well as to the eyes that get tired very easily after several hours.

A natural and certified product, I know what I’m using and I know that will not hurt being natural, I invite everyone to always read product labels to make sure they are natural, because if an Omega 3 is not natural, it loses its effect! produces himself the products, selling them to the public, offering a very advantageous price. The pack is large and contains the right amount of tablets. I did not know they were also useful for cholesterol, in fact I’ll also use my mom because unfortunately suffers.

By using this product the concentration is increased, the dry eyes decreased.

I’m using it for 4 days and for now I feel good, I will continue to use it.

I recommend it, in a few days I saw the results, a natural product, trust me!

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