It used to be difficult to find white plus size cocktail dresses in clothing departments and online stores.  Blame it on the supply and demand situation.  Plus size women have this perceived misconception that white makes a person look one size larger and could be the reason why many plus size ladies shy away from the color white.  Thus, manufacturers and designers were not keen to serve this market.  However things have changed now, as people of the 21st century are embracing curves and other forms of figures.  Manufacturers and designers alike have also seized the opportunity to increase their line of clothing for plus size women, and in all arrays of colors, including white and other shades of white.

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The color white is the most difficult color to keep clean, but it is actually the most suitable color for any occasion. Just take extra care when you are wearing white cocktail plus size dresses.  Blemishes and stains on white garments can make the individual look unkempt and dirty.  In addition, you need to look for clothes that fits well with your body.  If the clothes are too tight or too loose, you may look larger in white simply because the fit is unflattering.

If you are a plus size lady, just head to the plus size clothes section in department stores, or search on the internet for plus size clothing online stores.  Once you are there, you will be amazed with the choices available.


What are some of the reasons you want to wear white plus size cocktail dresses

One of the reasons to wear plus size white cocktail dress is its versatility. The color white is suitable for both casual and formal events. Depending on the occasion, you have a wide selection of white plus size cocktail dresses to choose from. You can choose short plus size white cocktail dresses size made from silk, chiffon, cotton, or other materials in tandem with the weather and season. During winter, you may want to choose winter cocktail dresses in white and other colors, and made with fur, which will make you warm and elegant. To add a sense of cuteness, choose cocktail dresses that have bows, and ribbons of same color or contrasting colors.


White Satin Communion Baptism Dress

White makes a person look pristine.  The color white has been associated with terms like ‘clean’ and ‘pure’.  You won’t go wrong with wearing white plus size cocktail dresses during baptism. Baptism is a Christian rite of admission and forms one of the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church.  The word baptism is derived from the Greek word ‘baptisma’, meaning washing,  hence wearing white cocktail dresses for plus size women who are about to be baptized is a sign of cleansing from sin.

Ruffles Silk Satin Bow Rhinestones One Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Another occasion where white cocktail dresses are very commonly seen is wedding ceremonies and wedding reception dinners.  In a wedding ceremony or reception, the bride would normally wear the color white.  Sometimes, the bridesmaids wear white as well.  If you are not the bride or bridesmaid, it may be best to stay away from wearing pure white at weddings, so that the bride can have her day.  Other popular colors for dresses for plus size women worn during weddings are cream, beige, off-white, champagne or pink.

Strapless Prom Dress

If you can’t find pure white dresses, you may want to consider black and white plus size cocktail dresses. Apart from white plus size cocktail dresses, you may opt to create your own unique cocktail dresses for plus size women for a change when attending these events. Irrespective of the type of dress you decide to wear, here is a link to your one stop shop for all things clothes: