After Black Friday, here comes Cyber Monday in fact, on this day we will find many opportunities for our crazy purchases!

For those who could not take advantage in the last days, even now it has time!

In this day we must take advantage of it and buy everything we need, I have seen many people do plenty of shopping spree, and also I am one of these people!

Do not you believe it is the right opportunity?

With sales we can buy that kimono dress  that so wished, at a much lower price, so why not take two? Or take more than we need? As a jacket, a bag or make-up?
Speaking of dresses already have in mind what you will wear for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? I believe that by Christmas I will wear a red dress, while for the last year I think I will wear a black dress. A nice make-up is very important, on the Stylewe blog I found important tips, such as: learn how to contour your face.

Source: Real Techniques

I think I do a simple trick and I will aim on the look! In short, a nice dress bought with sales, a nice make-up following practical advice, I believe that nothing is missing!

This is an idea of dresses I would wear, which one you prefer?



You’ve shopped with sales?

Shop at StyleWe

I leave you with other ideas




Black Sleeveless Plain V Neck Beaded Mini Dress


Pan Ruo