Treating the fur of your pet is very important, as we take care of our skin and our hair is right to give the same importance to our furry friends.

Use non-toxic products, with natural ingredients and environmentally friendly is important to me.

A brand that I really like is offering a large collection of products for both adults and children, for home and for pets.


I tried 2 different shampoo for my dog, the first to bleach his hair, is a product designed just for those with a white dog, I like it because it really whitens from the first application! It has a blue color, it takes very little, the smell is light! You can find it here!

The second shampoo is to eliminate odors, usually when I use other products, after washing and drying, the hair of my dog has a bad odor. But with this product is gone and I’m very satisfied! You can find it here!

To complete’m also using an air purifier, designed just for environments where an animal lives, works and I really like, from that sense of fresh air! I have also used another thought but for my room, they smell good and important thing are not harmful and last a lot! Find them here!

The brand also offers products for children, so they are certified products! I recommend very products to wash your dog because they are professional!

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